Friday, 24 February 2012

answers my loves

remember all those introductions..?

well they went something like this...

billy fury - halfway to paradise
little anthony and the imperials - better use your head
glen campbell - guess i'm dumb
shangri-las - out in the streets
sly and the family stone - stand
anthony newley - what kind of fool am i
smokey robinson and the miracles - more love
jon lucien - who will buy
ray bryant - up above the rock
scott walker - lights of cincinnati
richard harris - a tramp shining
i bet you knew them all really. you did i know you did.


davyh said...

You said 'i bet you've got them all duckie' and dagnabbit but apart from the Ray Bryant I bloomin' well have.


Top quiz! x

davyh said...

Oh actually no, I also don't have the Newley.

But still

ally. said...

all the hits al the time. and silver ain't bad heartface.

dickvandyke said...

shoot me - i'm a failure. billy n glen and the shangris, and sly .. ooh the shame.
smokey, scott, and you just know how i loved richard harris..
i may never show my face in pudsey asda again

spud said...

Ray Bryant! It was that bloody Ray Bryant track.

Should have got the Sly Stone one - that's probably the most shameful.

Got a grand total of 4.

Swiss Adam said...

I'd have got Glen Campbell and Sly. Maybe Scott Walker and probably Billy Fury. If I'd played. Sorry.

Mick said...

Should have got the Billy Fury. The Sly Stone still sounds like the start of Deire Wilson Tabac's I can't keep.. I knew there was a Scott Walker in there somewhere - though I though the Scott Walker that was there was some obscure Terry Callier.

Great, great fun. Thanks.

ally. said...

pleasure duckies. we'll have another one shortly but i've got a tape to make...