Friday 2 March 2012

oh davy

because we know don't we and we'll dream won't we...

the monkees - a little bit me a little bit you



davyh said...

Thems some ace badges Ms A x

ally. said...

aren't they just. not mine sadly but nice to at least find the pictures. i've got of the guitar logo thingy somewhere safe. safe as in can't find it.
i do love the monkees

dickvandyke said...

Lovely touch ally. Bet they all say that!

I'd have given my arm, and leg and 1st born son to have looked like Davy.

The fact that he hailed from a War's end monochrome Manchester and splashed in Californian sunshine, made him that much more special.

glen grainger said...

the monkees rule

Tracy Garnish said...

because we know don't we,and we'll dream won't we?
Such a shame,another hic-cup,not what I expected,R.I.P