Monday 30 April 2012

what a palaver

well that was a disaster all round wasn't it

let's put everyone out of their misery...

sergio - roda
jonathan richman - vincent van gogh
matt monro - we're going to change the world
stephanie mills - never knew love like this before
temptations - it's growing
phyllis dillon - perfidia
tony clarke - landslide
sam cooke - that's where it's at
glen campbell - galveston
jon lucien - search for the inner self

it's a good job this is the bijou lattie of the loser...

hang down your heads my dolly darlings



londonlee said...

Landslide! Landslide! It was on the tip of me tongue.

Rather ashamed that I thought the Stephanie Mills was by Viola Wills.

We're not worthy.

ally. said...

now who can make any sense of those picture clues

davyh said...

Three! Too hard!

Swiss Adam said...

I recognised Galveston but was too embarrassed to admit I'd only got one.

davyh said...

Perfidia, Galveston and Landslide for me. Should have got Stephanie Mills. Have never heard some of the others, tbh. We are, as Lee sez, not worthy.

Mick said...

I'm with Swiss Adam - now you've told me what they are, I know some, but recognised none immediately except Steph and I couldn't remember what it was called or who it was by.

I'm just not worthy.

dickvandyke said...

Just Matt, Steph and Glen for me dear Lancashire Lassie.
(The picture helped confirm our Millsy).

As Davy's mate Dean Freidman would almost declare,.. we're not as smart as you'd like to think we are.

davyh said...

Did you see Lisa?

dickvandyke said...

Yes I saw Lisa.

Stop it!

davyh said...

Is that why you're angry?