Friday 15 June 2012

in & out

oh i know i rattling on about 99p soul again but oh you know i just can't help myself. i blame the four tops obviously. i'm afraid i do so like the idea that it's something for all the indoor far away past my bedtimers just as much as the troll along the farringdon roaders and that there can be record playing and hip swinging and very possibly old fashioned swilling for all of us.

to give you a sneak peek at the goings on i'd be awfully suprised if some of this sort of loveliness didn't fill the saturday night air...

carmel will be playing this
jackie wilson - try it again

rob will be playing this
willie gresham and the free food ticket - i cried boo hoo

mick will wish he could be playing this
young ladies - i'm tired of running around

and the mrs will  be playing phyllis while i drink too much and dance appallingly
phyllis dillon - leave it in the hands of love

have an absolutely darling evening where ever you are dear things



drew said...

Sometimes I wish I lived in London, only sometimes mind.

Have a great night Ally. Nothing wrong with dancing appallingly it's the only way I can and that's without the drink

ally. said...

ta ever so heartface

davyh said...

Well that was absolutely splendid I must say. Hope you and the Mrs got home OK. Good job I met Sally from Shepherd's Bush at the bus stop and she knew where she was going x

spud said...

Always good fun, isn't it? Nice to meet Davy H as well (ta for the pint!).

I can never remember who that Hammond boogaloo version of Summertime is by but it was good to hear E give that a spin.

davyh said...

True fact: I just popped back in here to say 'Spud I owe you a pint'...!

ally. said...

true fact - i just popped back here to say 'uuuuuuuuurrrrrrgghh bourbon bring pain'...
ta ever so you lovely boys for ooooohhh everything. it's a real proper joy to've met yous.

well done sally. sorry most awfully not to've seen you home safe
it's one gee plus three - surely still available somewhere in the dark depths of here - if not i'll put it up again when i can see again without it hurting

davyh said...

'uuuuuuuuurrrrrrgghh bourbon bring pain' - there should be a t-shirt with that on x