Friday 30 November 2012

toggle up

oooh it's bitter out... bitter missus... you wrap up warm sweet dears and do remember that unless you are a very small child or a sticky peruvian bear your duffle should be large your toggles wooden and your loops ropey. there are no exceptions i'm afraid. strict i know but it's for your own good.

dinah washington - cold cold heart



Unknown said...
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davyh said...

That's good advice. I used to be a sticky Peruvian bear, as it happens.

davyh said...

Woah, haven't heard DW do that!

Favourite Hank song x

Anonymous said...

Subtract points if Jack Hawkins wouldn't wear it on the deck of a submarine.

Where have I heard this tune before? I'm hearing a country version in my head. Patsy Cline?

spud said...

Sorry, that was me.

davyh said...

Hank Williams!

davyh said...

Patsy too!

drew said...

My duffle came a cropper the other week when a tin of gloss got spilt, completely ruined. So have to do with me Parka, which is quite sad. To paraphrase Pete Docherty, there is no sadder sight than a middle aged scottish man in a fishtail parka.

It's not that cold yet!

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