Tuesday 4 December 2012

torment tuesday

it's an endless tea drop of brandy wallow in newley kind of day... one lump or two my dear?

anthony newley - love is a now and then thing



secondopinion said...

Just google image searched this. It's a lovely sleeve. He appears to be crouching behind some plastic dustbins with leeks under his arm. Very moving.

dickvandyke said...

Oh darling. Would you consider me a frightful bore if I had a coffee with a threat of whisky?
But first; you must remove a ghastly piece of grit from my eye. Our future together is impossible? Then I will leave - and return to my dull suburban life; robbed of the chance of a final goodbye.

ally. said...

available at all good record shops i'm sure. the record is almost as glorious as the sleeve too
and dickie dear you can threaten my coffee any day