Monday 17 December 2012

a riot of colour

on one of those glaring blinding beautiful days last week that make winter sneak into my favourite bits of the year i trained past the old kodak factory crumbling and shoddy and blew it a kiss of thanks for all that film that caught days just like this and sobbed at the horrid loss of elitechrome slide film most especially my very bestest camera pal... so let's have a week of colour

blossom dearie - long daddy green



secondopinion said...

Based on the premise if you don't ask you don't get - Pretty please can we have Crystal Blue Persuasion? x

ally. said...

i do love a request and they're few and far between these days so most certainly. mick's 99p selection featuring the joe bataan version (which is the only one i know) is still available around here somwhere