Friday 4 January 2013

colours fly away

anyone remember the rattling on about kodak and colours and songs and oh all that? well i still am. i know. there was a shelf full of elitechrome in the rubbish excuse me how much photo shop down the road today that almost had me in tears... we'll be needing something immensely hell gargantuanly brilliant...

john coltrane - greensleeves



davyh said...

Expose, dip, fix, hang up to dry.

And to stop, 'Take the horn out your mouth' - Miles Davis


davyh said...

Two unrelated facts there, sorry

londonlee said...

Love this track, one of Henry VIII's best jazz compositions.

(Yes, I know he didn't really write it)

BrisbaneMusic said...

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spud x said...

Modal? But not on a Monday? It's gone to complete anarchy round here.

Shouldn't he have got the missus in on the harp?

'Alice, my love, you do me wrong..'