Tuesday, 5 March 2013


i know i know slack ally is my name. sorry and all but oh... you know...
the beach yesterday blew cobwebs and the sun today warmed cockles and an evening full of dusty watched all over again thrilled madly. here she goes helping out on lovely madeline's lp. i like this version more than maxine's even and you know that's saying something...

madeline bell - one step at a time



davyh said...

I miss you!

It's all a bit denuded, our little patch of the internets nowadays (but thanks due to those who continue to toil - and I don't mean me; open Fridays only for weeks) x

ally. said...

denuded- to put on one's cardigan

miss you too sunshine

Simon said...

I love you guys.

Spits, turns soppy cuddle into manly handshake backslap.

ynodesc 275, that's my number

ally. said...

i do love an awkward cuddle