Friday 15 March 2013


before we know it it'll be that time when the parka goes back in the wardrobe the cashmere takes it's chances with the moths the cardigan gets unbuttoned (slightly) the brogues give way to loafers and all that keeping the cold out that always got taken care of by those fourteen flights of stairs needs encouraging to stand up straight at the very least. the big gay disco gymnasium down by the photographers gallery pounds out an horrific racket at an outrageous tempo but here we swing to a rocksteady beat. what with these knees and all. the photograph up there is one of a bunch my dad took of local lass and miss world rosemaie frankland. miss world. i know. there's a helpful series of miss world in the gym photographs to help us to spring/summer perfection and alton and hortense to ease the pain. here we go and one and two and ....oh for heaven's sake...

alton and hortense ellis - the picture was you



davyh said...

What's that she's exercising on, it looks like it's been hastily assembled from some leftover scaffolding?


*gets ready to do rocksteady*


davyh said...

PS: Just looked her up. "According to reports, Frankland died from a drugs overdose in December 2000 in Marina del Rey, California, after battling depression" :(

ally. said...

i have a horrible feeling that was the very lap of luxury. or preston. probably scaffolding then

ally. said...

i know. sad tale indeed. that's marrying rock stars for you. not that i'd ever heard of the chap. she was crowned by bob hope you know. i found these in a box of my dad's abandoned negatives and they're brilliant. more to come

Usha Balu said...

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spud said...

He had an eye, didn't he, your dad?

Like father, like daughter.