Friday 4 July 2014


and just in time the super smashers at kent have only gone and reissued saint jackie 's most sought after little number the one the housekeeping will never stretch to not never not even if it's lentil suprise no booze and hungry hungry ducks all week. it's not a proper reissue what with someone else on the other side and all but it'll do for me oh yes it will... the proper b side is a smasher too a big rowdy go at one of those things that have welled me up since i was tiny terror...

jackie shane - you are my sunshine


find stand up straight and tall from ace right here


Anonymous said...

Hi Ally,
It's not very often that I come across Jackie's songs, apart from 'Any Other Way' and 'In My Tenement', so thanks so much for sharing this one!


ally. said...

pleasure dear

the live lp is worth a track down too