Thursday 31 July 2014


it's our old pal davy's birthday today and seeing as there's no ghost post this year we can wave our greetings to him at i thought it'd be nice to wave to him from here instead... yooohooo... many happy returns dear thing

this popped up in the very first days of the ghost of elecricity and it was only on my recent back issueing that i heard it and the rest of the lp what it's off of... wonderful unexpected stuff and this is oh my... devastating

paddy mcaloon - i'm 49



davyh said...

Bless you Ms A: waving back from the dog end of my forties, listening for the ghost of a chance xx

ally. said...

pleasure duckie

spud said...

Belated best wishes davy h.

That Paddy Macaroon toon is a wonderful thing.

ally. said...

he will always be mr macaroon crszy beard or no