Friday 23 October 2015

joy and freedom were everywhere

another sunday afternooner gone...

go easy mark murphy

mark murphy - dingwalls


futher inspiration information in your heart out no 5



davyh said...

Companeros may also want to check out Mr G. Peterson's MM mix here x

ally. said...

oooh ta dear i shall

spud said...

I just knew before looking that you were going to put this track up!

He was in good voice right up until the end, wasn't he? I liked the guest spots that he did with Five Corners Quintet when he must have been well into his seventies. And if you listen to something like ''Kerouac Days in Montana'' he sounds like an old feller with a full and eventful life to look back on. Like he'd done a good job singing and a good job living. Respect for that. x

Swiss Adam said...

Superb photo Ally.

ally. said...

respect indeed.