Tuesday 6 October 2015

torment tuesday

it's been a lovely tuesday as it goes but we haven't had one of these for an age and i know really i should be using this song as a let's do days of the week push but it came on in the motor on the way to the local vegan workers co-op organic whatsit (i know i know but that's the northern powerhouse for you... falls over in hysterics) and if i don't play it now i'll forget ...

bob and his pals do torment rather well i hope you'll agree...

the wailers - sunday morning



davyh said...

I went to almost the exact opposite of the local vegan workers co-op organic whatsit today: HMV on Oxford St (I got a voucher as a very, very late birthday present from the brother-in-law). It was a most dispiriting experience. It made me very thankful for our ace independent record shops.

*goes off to cook mung beans*

ally. said...

oooooooo mung beans... it's borlotti here tonight

davyh said...

I didn't really do mung beans; I did a seafood risotto. And I have to confirm that prawns *were* harmed in the making of 🍤
Sorry vegans.

Simon said...

I had a chickpea curry with cous cous instead of rice last night. I was watching a film called Strippers VS Werewolves though. So it wasn't all happy hippy.


spud said...

Sweet and sad. And that bass is doing it for me.

Vegetable curry starring blackeye bans and encona round here last night. It might even have been ital. What would Bob eat?

When I'm a very old man I'll repeatedly tell all the baffled carers in the nursing home that I saw Bob and the Wailers and the I-Three at Crystal Palace Bowl in 1980.

Oh,hang on. I've started already. xx

ally. said...

it's a darned fine thing to tell all dear. sweet and sad covers pretty much my whole record pile