Monday 26 October 2015

yesterday once more

drowsy morning sunlight gentle kisses... frank and guitar... thank goodness...

frank sinatra - it's sunday



Andra said...

Hello Dusty7! Am Andra from Jakarta, Indonesia (I actually came from Bandung, a chill city about three hours from Jakarta. Three years now here in Jakarta for a job, still tryin' to blend in). Anyhow, I've Been following anything you've upload. Its about 'Sunday' for some weeks now. And all I can think of after listening to Sinatra's sunday is Bettye Swann: 'I Want my Sunday Back Again' =]

Well anyhow, please dont stop supplying good tunes Dusty7!

Truly Yours

ally. said...

welcome along dear andra it's lovely to have you with us... and all i've been thinking of all this week of sundays is bettye swann too