Monday 23 April 2007


and this week kenneth opens his doors to the letter c.
now that you're getting the hang of this polari lark i think it's time we gave you a few more words to learn each bijou lesson, something to really sink your bexleys into. so my dears, here's...

c is for

meaning to seek or look
from which we get...
charpering omee
a policeman!

and we'll have
meaning children

and to introduce a bit of filth how's about
cleaning the kitchen
which all you perverse deviants will already know as rimming. shocking i'm sure.

next week we'll try to string a few things together to give you a few choice phrases to throw into your delightful conversations, so get practicing duckies...

the best english c word is definately
everyone loves a good cuddle, and it's so much better than a hug. i generally insist on the standard north london pronunciation which turns L into W, the whole thing kind of ends up cahdawl (or something). think a much softer eastenders and you're halfway there.

c is also for deeply missed, ever wonderful
curtis mayfield
i feel like something stirring and majestic this morning so let's have 'right on for the darkness' off of 'back to the world'. soul heaven.

curtis mayfield - right on for the darkness


davyh said...

Ah now, this has lifted my mood immensely. I thank you my dear x

Lies said...

Well there is of course only one C word and it doesn't appear here. It's true that it was completely banned for many years but it's now made an incredible come back. It will appear on X factor very soon as in 'Simon you're such a ****' Small children in the street are once again using it in merry banter as they shoot each other in the pursuit of crack cocaine. Would Kenneth have ever uttered it? I bet he did.

FiL said...

Oh dear, Lies, the c-work to which you refer I find one of the most unpleasant in the language. I always feel oddly sad after hearing it...

Cuddle. I far prefer that word. Yes. Far prefer.

Move on up, y'all...

ally. said...

it was going to be what we correctly pronounce as caaahhhnt, but we've had enough filth with arse and bugger. i didn't want you to get the wrong impression... oh, i forgot about the rimming thing...