Thursday 5 April 2007

polari time

so here we are at week two already - i hope you've been practicing and spent the whole time sat on your aris...

b is for ...

bona meaning good, grand, nice, lovely
as in the bona school of polari, and 'how bona to vada your dolly old eke'.
and instead of the dull old 'good night' let's try ' bona nochy' sweeties.

b is also for

if i had to count the number of times i say this every day i'd spend all day counting. it goes very well with arse!.
apparently popular with footballers.

and b is also for

bill evans who everybody digs.
'peace piece' got old gilles peterson sacked from jazz fm on the eve of the last gulf war and sadly is just as apt today.

bill evans - peace piece

1 comment:

davyh said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely. And this is 'Flamenco Sketches' from 'Kind Of Blue' yes? I like Bill's title better. Peace. Worth trying, huh?