Wednesday 11 April 2007

terrys ten

just for the coincidence of 'what do i get?' really. and i bet 'take five' isn't one of his favourite bits of music anymore. charles aznavour though...well done terry

charles aznanour - she

funny how there's nothing on the list that would lead me to think of the specials or the fun boy three, but it kinda makes some sense of the colourfield (terry's couple of alright singles but generally uninspiring pop act).
i saw terry in boots on upper street a couple of years ago and got so stupidly excited i had to rush home before i started blabbing 'you're terry hall you , you're great you are...'. it was quite a shock.


Lies said...

What were the boots like? DMs, biker or suede pixie?
(I know, too obvious and wanky to be a real joke, but I couldn't resist)

Elizabeth said...

I heard Terry Hall sing 'Dream a Little Dream' and my bits exploded with happiness.

ally. said...

oooohh i've never heard that one - it's top of my must remember to try and find that list as of now.
i hope your bits got better.

Elizabeth said...

Here's a linky to the tracky. Better watch your bits, it's pretty fantastic.

Dream A Little Dream - Terry Hall & Salad.

Spoilt Victorian Child said...

Loving a bit of Charles, what a voice.
Cheers ally.

And I hope your bits are ok Liz...!!!


Salopian said...

Interesting to see The Higsons on Terry's all time top ten. I wonder if Charlie knows ....

ally. said...

i did know it after all - was it some kinda charity thing? or was that something else. anyway... THANK YOU, it's wonderful x