Tuesday 10 April 2007

time's up mr mcclane

there are days i would make a brilliant film baddie. i was going to say bond villian but i'm thinking more die hard 5 because we love bruce , and they always have excellent baddies who can't do accents. i can't do accents, and i have a mean cat and some murderously pointy shoes so i think the role is mine. ideally the base for my nefarious doings would be here

but it could also be here

or here

if bruce wouldn't come to blighty i'd be more than happy to do my plotting and scheming from a sunnier location.
maybe here


or here

the lengths i will go to for sparkly treasures know no bounds and the targets of my greed this week are so marvelous i'm not sure you could stand to look upon them.
they currently live in the manchester music archive , but not for long...
oh go on then, look, but don't forget they're mine.

buzzcocks were (well, are) everything you could ever want from a pop group. there's the super enigmatic weird disappeared one, the camp one, the bit of rough, the pretty one, and the one you can't quite picture (but when you look it turns out he's a real sweetie), all making singles of unrellenting excellence.
you'll all have 'singles going steady' (obviously) so here's 'time's up' off of spiral scratch. everyone knows that 'boredom' is untouchable but this has one of the world's greatest opening lines...

buzzcocks - time's up

and 'what do i get?'


Fnarf said...

Untouchable is right. Thanks for the video, that was marvelous (even though they faded out before my favorite kick, "what do I get? no sleep at night" and then the "atallatallatallatallatallatall, 'cause I don't get yoooooooo". Ah, that's so nice. It's everything right there, the whole package. Pop song 101.

Spoilt Victorian Child said...

The third greatest band to come out of Manchester, which makes them one of the greatest in the world, and I love them.
Wish I had that badge collection.


ally. said...

i read thing a while ago, by paul morley i think (it was hilarious so it probably was) insisting that howard devoto invented manchester.
ah ha - just found it ...

Spoilt Victorian Child said...

Oooo, will have a read of that when I get home tonight.
Sorry they're third, but Joy Division and The Fall pipped them to the post, but that still makes them probably the third greatest band of all time or something... :)