Tuesday 12 June 2007

16 truck driving hits

once upon a time long long ago late night radio belonged to the trucker and those fools who stayed up past peel were treated to hour after sleepy hour of country tearjerkers and classic crooners to feed the pain of those heroes of the highway.
now dustysevens is pleased to bring you a cut out and keep collect the set each issue builds into a fascinating collection order from your newsagents now or risk missing out on this fabulous offer make your very own 16 truck driving hits compilation in 16 thrilling parts special!

and we start big with the undisputed king of the matching jacket and beard... kenny rogers.
to be extra cheery you'll be pleased to hear that the real life story behind the song ended in murder and suicide...

kenny rogers and the first edition - ruby, don't take your love to town

and if you want to see them in action here's kenny ...

i know things've been a bit slack round here lately and i'm very sorry - we've got the builders in and everythings a right state and i spend all my days making tea till i'm too worn out for this lark.


Lies said...

Well, I think these days very few songwriters are prepared to go the extra mile of murder and suicide and it shows. Light-weights. If it ain't country it ain't music.

davyh said...

Isn't "You've painted up your lips and rolled and curled your tinted hair" one of THE geatest opening lines in all of popular song?

Oh to have written that.

'Got the builders in' eh? Fnaar fnaar nudge nudge wink wink say no more, etc.

davyh said...

Er.. that's 'greatest', obviously.

Can we have some Waylon Jennings next?

FiL said...

Geatest = Most like a member of the Geats, a Northern Germanic tribe wot lived in Sweden during the first millenium.

If I drop by in my Leyland DAF XF105, would you spot me a cuppa builders tea??

davyh said...

Fil, if you knew that without looking it up, I am impressed. And also a little sad for you, in a way :O

Fnarf said...

Be sure and check out the two Reds, Red Simpson and Red Sovine. Simpson's whose entire oeuvre was 18-wheeler-based, as far as I can tell. Sovine was more varied, but covered the blacktop pretty well.

Jennings is awesome but not really a truckin' kind of a dude. His early (pre-beard) records are smoking hot.

ally. said...

lies - it sure ain't

davy - i think it's the last 'for gods sakes turn around' that's the killer but it's pretty much faultless everywhere. and we'll have less sniggering on a torment tuesday thankyou. you're not here to enjoy yourselves.

fil - you're welcome whatever you drive sweetie

fnarf - i'm looking them up already. i do like an 18 wheel base.

thankyou all.

Anonymous said...

Kenny used to have a side business as a purveyor of "the world's greatest" chicken:

They are pretty much all closed now, but if you find yourself in Ontario, California, It's worth going once; they play nothing but kenny over the sound system & the chicken is almost edible.

So It Goes said...

I don't like country, but this is class. Thanks again ally.
P.S. Do you take requests?!?

Terry said...

Thanks for the comments on my sight. The pedal steel sends me as well.
Your site is a real treasure. Keep up the great work.


Anonymous said...

Truckin' songs are a particular perversion of mine: I am quietly collecting way too many LPs of truckin' tunes. Attached is the track listing of a comp I circulated among unfortunate friends a few years back (items marked * are not strictly about truckin' but I wanted to include them for the purposes of making the comp EVEN DEADLIER). Each comes highly recommended:

1. Red Simpson: Hello, I'm A Truck
2. Dave Dudley: Roll Aids, Doan's Pills and Preparation H
3. Jimmy Wakely: Ghost Riders In The Sky*
4. Swanee Caldwell: Radar Blues Pt. 1
5. Charlie Moore & Bill Napier: Truck Driver's Queen
6. Rod Hart: CB Savage
7. Jimmy Martin: Truck Driving Man
8. Red Sovine: Giddyup Go
9. Dave Dudley: Six Days On The Road
10. Willis Brothers: Give Me Forty Acres To Turn This Rig Around
11. Minnie Pearl: Giddyup Go Answer
12. Dick Curless: Drag 'Em Off The Interstate Sock It To 'Em JP Blues
13. Stoney Edwards: Hank & Lefty Raised My Country Soul*
14. Osborne Brothers: Long Lanky Woman*

Treasures procured since include examples of the work of Gerard De Vries, king of Dutch Truckin', whose stock-in-trade is Dutch language covers of Red Sovine classics.

(Enjoying this site, by the way, which I stumbled across from the links bar on Fire Escape Talking, which you might or might not be interested in knowing. If not, sorry!)

ally. said...

i've never heard of any of that lot so i've got my boot sale record hunting cut out ...
the dick curless one is top of the list