Tuesday 5 June 2007

bring me sunshine

zooming back from a bit of international jet setting and it's too nice to be stuck inside so throw away your frown and let your hair hang down ...

the marvellos - in the sunshine

(and if it's horrid where you are at least get the talc on your kitchen floor and perfect your spins and slides)

roll on summertime


Fire Escape said...

You know, there's a fanzine I remember from 20 years ago - where has the time gone? - featuring the immortal words "summer always has me reaching for those Grab Grab The Haddock records". Ring any bells?
GGTH still sound good. Maybe you or I should post some.

ally. said...

that's not a bad plan. i've got a kitchen work top in the way of half my bleedin' records but when it's gone i'll dig something out.
they get to be the extra track on the reissue of pillows and prayers apparently.

davyh said...

Confession: on first visit I thought for one brief, blissful, couldn't-quite-believe-it moment that you had posted Morecambe & Wise doing 'Bring Me Sunshine'...


I think it is the record I shall have them play at my funferal.

Impossible to hear it without smiling, really smiling.

Lovely pic of Eric's statue x

ally. said...

i very nearly did and then meant to put a youtube bit on but forgot.
an old pal played it at his wedding as him and his mrs walked down the aisle - it was brilliant.

So It Goes said...

Another lovely track ally, Eric and Ernie it's not , but smashing. Thank you.