Friday 29 June 2007


it's polari time again duckies and after a brief, well alright not that brief, bit of getting sidetracked and easily distracted let's have a go at f.

f is for


meaning marvelous fantastic and even more than fabulosa



your new favourite word for busoms

and speaking of foofs our straight word of choice has to be fondle. go on , you know you want to...

f is also for those happy clappy sunshine poppy kite flying stereolabalikes the free design. i only heard this lot a couple of years ago and laughed my little socks off in a so that's where they got it from kind of a way.

the free design - bubbles

and i couldn't let f go without a blast of levi stubbs and the boys at their finger popping finest. it's easy to forget your motown classics in the mad search for rare gems and trainspotty glory and i'm horridly guilty of not playing these anything like enough. the backing vocals alone made me see the terrible error of my ways


davyh said...

'Foofs' shall indeed become my new favourite word for 'norks', and I shall use it at every opportunity.

Can't watch the Four Tops without weeping with joy.

mr.kenneth said...

ally .. fantabulosa! indeed ...

I suspect you'd rather enjoy :-



laShirl and mr.kenneth

ally. said...

shirl & mr. ken - what bona radio you lovelies do. i'm hooked.