Thursday 24 May 2007

eek, eine, elvis

welcome again duckies to the bona school of polari. we're rattling through the alphabet now my dears ain't we, and today it's time to bring you the letter E. well everything starts with an e... (sorry)

e is for

meaning face - from back slang ecaf - eek



meaning london

eine is a new one to me and especially fantabulous what with the shop shutter alphabet being the work of a bona omee with the very same moniker. would you ever...?

and back in the cold dreary real world e is brought to life by only one thing.


i've never been much of a one for lists, or charts, or who's your favourite left handed bassist things, but if i was ever to be stuck with the records of just one artiste i'd hope they'd be by elvis. i know lots of them are bloody awful but lots and lots and lots of them aren't. and they're the ones i like. (i think i'm heading for a job on the nationals with insight and journalistic verve like that)

i've been to memphis and everything. gracelands is a true wonder. and we were about ten stone lighter than anybody else there. people were staring and pointing and going 'oooh look - little people'. it was fantastic.

and let's not forget that the boy was beautiful.

it's the 'i really do mean this' dripping from every word in all his best performances that does it, from the muck and filth of the the early days to the swagger of the 68 comeback special and the lonliness and desolation of the million nights in vegas . it's putting on a few pounds elvis i like best, when his voice is the most amazing thing and his karate moves are stage craft itself and the longing of 'i just can't help believing' will rip you apart.

it's easy to be blinded by the fat and the sweat and the sequins but just listen to the voice and every drop of pain he wrings out of 'early mornin rain'. this is the most famous man on the planet and he's living every word. he was dead six weeks later.

to finish off let's have a bit of lithe corrupting smouldery elvis bursting out of a scratched to hell treasured ep and shagging you senseless

elvis presley - one night

elvis presley - that's all right


FiL said...

"I'd say the best one came from Tupelo, Mississippi..."

One Chrimbo day many moons ago Dearest Wife and I were stuck in a beach hotel on Crete. There were two choices on the telly: an Orthodox Greek mass with beardy priests chanting deeply, and Elvis in Concert (1977). I remember the glee I got from channel surfing between the two. Meshigener!!

davyh said...

I love you more than ever now I know you like Elvis x

adam said...

After that Soft Cell business the other day I'm guessing it's a bit soon to start quoting True Romance here.

Rob said...

Linked! And, of you're talking Elvis, It's all about this for me...

Lies said...

As I was walked the city streets one day many years ago with a mate of mine we saw a poor unfortunate 'not quite all there' person. She was non-threatening, over-weight and wearing a denim jacket covered in Elvis badges with a terrible Elvis picture on the back. (He was beautiful, but he didn't always take a good picture) Anyway, as we avoided this woman as she grinned at everyone, like, 'see what I'm saying? Elvis?' my mate said the following words to me which will stay with me forever. 'There comes a time in everyone's life when they either turn to religion or Elvis.'

FiL said...

Since my Ally left me, I've found a new place to dwell
It's down at the end of cyberstreet
Called No-Post Hell...

OK, kinda sorta doesn't scan but you get the idea...

Hint: You MUST contribute to the next Contrast Podcast! You must!!!