Wednesday 4 July 2007

contrast podcast goes elvis (sort of)

there are poor sad souls out there who live half lives in the shadows untouched by the blinding light and burning love of elvis. can you imagine such horror? we can only pity them. or laugh and throw stuff.
some of these bizarre creatures have contributed to this weeks elvis themed contrast podcast turning what should clearly've been an enormous outpouring of love into something quite weird and frightening. you can hear it all here.
maybe this will show them the light...


Tim Young said...

I think it's too late for most of us. ;)

ally. said...

it's never too late

Anonymous said...

oooh - Just found out that I completely failed to get a song included on the latest Contrast Podcast:
How early do you have to submit to get on there? I have to admit I didn't send it until Sunday afternoon.
Good choice by the way - can't go wrong with The Impressions.