Tuesday 17 July 2007

from the radio clyde mobile to you

well we haven't had one of these for a while and if i could stick a big free thing on the front of this i promise i would.
by 1984 and one hit out of seven singles polydor seemed to've pretty much given up on getting orange juice in the charts despite having thrown flexis and tapes and stickers and extra singles in foldout poster sleeves and heaven knows what else at a generally not bothered public. by what presence?! there was a free tape but i'm sure it wasn't attached to the record and relied on bored and snooty shop assistants, especially in wood green shopping city, grunting 'wanna tape wiv tha?' and rooting round in a box for this dusty treat. i hope everyone got one cos it's ace.
do you get free stuff with downloads? where do i get the badge that comes with that?

orange juice - in a nutshell (live)
orange juice - simply thrilled honey (live)
orange juice - dying day (live)

and there was a postcard in there somewhere too.


Lies said...

What they should have been giving away was a free carton of orange juice. See? Bring in the health nuts and the housewives. Broaden your demographic.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dusty,

I enjoy your blog and especially the Orange Juice stuff. I have a question: do you have access to the Peel session track of 3 cheers for our side? I'd love to hear it if you did. Many thanks and keep up the good work!

londonlee said...

I have the 12" of What Presence but never got any bloody cassette with it. I feel cheated.

Anonymous said...

My copy was shrink wrapped with the cassette.

I'm reminded that this wasn't my first free Orange Juice cassette: my copy* of the 7" of "Rip It Up" came with a free 7" single, and a free tape ("The Formative Years - The Felicity Sessions" as I remember) all wrapped up in a poster sleeve. Marvellous.

*Yours too, I bet.

ally. said...

lies - you should work your magic in marketing
bob - ta very much, and yes i think i dug that tape out a while ago so i'll have a go at ' three cheers..'
lee - tape the downloads and stick the picture on and you can pretend it did.
tim - now you're just showing off. i had a job once putting together all those freebies. i still have shrinkwrapped nightmares about paddy packing in darkest walthamstow. we did a brilliant bananarama mobile once which i wish i still had.