Thursday 26 July 2007

seaside special

apparently in some strange bits of the world summer has stuff called sunshine and you don't need a cardigan on and your hair doesn't get wrecked the second you step out the door. but not here. oh no.
i've been using a tape i made in the lovely warm bits of last year as a memory aid, hoping that the beautiful music will transport me back to strange lost days of paddling and ice cream and moaning that it was too bloody hot. if i stand right next to the fire and put my goolie ogle fakes on it nearly works.

maybe it'll work for you

barbara lewis - hello stranger
the shangri la's - train from kansas city
barbara mason - world in crisis
johnny osbourne & the sensations - come back darlin
the seekers - georgy girl
love affair - everlasting love
judy street - what
alton ellis - can i change my mind
lorez alexander - send in the clowns
phyllis dillon - don't stay away
the jackson five - looking through the window
pat kelly - since you are gone
timi yuro - what's the matter baby

dusty7s summer spectacular

or you can try a not sure how you do this individual songs version
dusty7s summer spectacular super size edition


Anonymous said...

oooh .. Phyllis Dillon is guaranteed to let a little sunshine in! If you look in the dictionary under 'impossible' you'll find the following defintion: trying to figure out whether Bettye Swann's or Phyllis Dillon's version of 'Make Me Yours' is better.

ally. said...

thats my kind of dictionary you got there. and i'm off tracking down your choice tunes in manchesters prime records district tomorrow

BLTP said...

one thing I've been meaning to ask is "Chez Dusty Seven" full of all the reviews, tickets, fliers and kitten centric postcards that apeaar in your posts or do you get them elswhere online, they are always intriuging?

ally. said...

i'm afraid my house is packed with overflowing boxes of bits of paper and stupid pictures and articles still not read and broken stuff that will look briliant once it's been given a little clean...

davyh said...

Ah, Littlehampton! They have a train that runs along the seafront! We like.

Marvellous mixdown. Howdja do dat den?

Elizabeth said...

Very nice selection. I'm going to knock up the heat a bit and put it on as soon as I can feel my feet again. xx

Anonymous said...

i wanted to tell you how much i love your intros on the contrast podcasts. you have such a delightful accent and delivery. makes everything sound special. : )

i'm sorry to hear that the weather's been so cold and rainy. we've been having one of the best summers we've had in a long time, which is something to be thankful for.

looking forward to this lovely mix of music, too.

Rob said...

Hey Ally

I'm saving this for my monday morning commute - I can't wait!

mr.kenneth said...

wunnerful mix Ally!

its quite chilly down here in Oz, so I'm counting on this selection luv to warm the cockles of my proverbials ...

the Timi Yuro track is one of laShirl's classic G&T belters! ... *swoon* ... and even I've been known to give it a yodel or two now and then when the fancy takes me ...

*be smooched*
mr.K + Shirl

ally. said...

davy - never been but it's on my things to do when we're back home list.
and thye mix thing was easy - just put records on adobe audition and fiddled about a bit and ta da!
elizabeth - wooly socks on your xmas list
marcy - thhats very swet - i always think i sound daft but there you go
rob - ta dear
mr k - i'd forgotten how great that quentin crisp bit on the start of one of your fine shows was. i'm enjoying them all immensely

Anonymous said...

Hey Ally,

The Bettye version is on the comp. of her Money Recordings stuff on the mighty Kent and the Phyllis track is available on a fairly recent Trojan best of thingy that the megastores usually sell for cheap. Both cds are just dandy! I can pop 'em side by side on a cd-r if you're having trouble tracking 'em down :)

smiles, brogues

BLTP said...

just got round to putting this mix on my phone and had blissful journey to putney the perfect pre-picnic tunes not bad on the way back in warm summer night cheers

Anonymous said...

Ally, this is a great compilation. Given how little this is what I would call 'my kind of music' I love this compilation. Don't know how you managed that one, but thanks!