Monday 6 August 2007

dinner and dancing and love

i've been getting all behind with my contrast podcast plugs but the last two go together quite well so i think i've got awy with it.
has anyone ever been to a proper dinner dance? i've never seen the attraction of sticking the two together. the last thing i'd want to do after a big dinner is dance. i want to sit around with a bottle of something nice and rattle on endlessly. going dancing is all about spending far too long getting ready with a few too many just a small ones and being much too excitable to eat.
so instead of dinner for two before dancing lets have numerous visits to the lav for whatever reasons - a nasty bug, a nice spot of cottaging, a peer through your favourite glory hole, or whatever else takes your fancy

bob - convenience

the dancing turned into a spot of dj russian roulette which i'm afraid round my way would've become a bloodbath in seconds. we're merciless when it comes to the serious business of shaking a tailfeather so i played it deep and safe

the meters - just kissed my baby

i was tempted to do the dads a favour and give them something with instructions - rocksteady or tighten up or something with actions but if you're really struggling have a go at joining in with the lovely tavares boys which was going to be my choice but i feared for my health around all those butch blogger boys

well if all that nibbling and wiggling has worked it's magic you should have something tasty and adorable to take home with you so now you need to get serious. there's no larking about where seduction tunes are concerned. you need to show some class so there's none of that greatest love album in the world ever you got off the front of the mirror a million valentines days ago.
just get your smokey robinson records out, play 'quiet storm', and pucker up good...

smokey robinson - quiet storm


The Boy and the Cloud said...

hello ally!
isn't "convenience" just grate? my address is Krister Bladh, Myntgatan 9B, 214 59 Malmö, Sweden.

when you get to z you can always do å, ä and ö - which are swedish letters that come after z in our alphabet.



Rob said...

Nice one Ally: "sit around with a bottle of something nice and rattle on endlessly" is my idea of a PERFECT evening!

Mr Rossy said...

Ello, wow thanks for the Norwich info..i'll have a look into that !!
Love that Bob track, CHOOON !!!

BLTP said...

Xcellent smokey and bob top stuff. I thought Bob were just a mini cult between me and my younger brother.

ally. said...

much more bob to come when we celebrate the launch of their big online doohickey soon

Roger said...

The Meters can do no wrong

Nicky Peacock said...

awww..bob stayed at my house when they played in our town. it was sooo rock and roll; me and my girlfriend-housemates had our pyjamas on and we ate loads and loads of breville toasted sandwiches and gallons of tea at the kitchen table.
i'm all nostalgic now.

ally. said...

good to hear you treated the boys nice - they did like tea