Monday 6 August 2007

sorry i forgot your birthday...

...but oh hell there's no excuse really i was just rubbish. i do this too often which is especially stupid because i like birthdays. not in one year older kind of a way but as a celebration of the day those we love were born one. and i like getting presents just right too but then forget how terrible i am at shopping so invariably the whole thing turns horridly bad.

any way.
friday was tony bennett's 81st. he'll probably be playing his beautiful music somewhere when really he should be wandering round a supermarket in his slippers telling everyone he passes ' i'm eighty one you know, eighty one. i'm eighty one...'

if you ever get chance to go and see him work a crowd then go because he's a master.
he'll tell you he loves you and that you're beautiful and that he's having the best night of his life. well he has done the three times i've seen him and i believed him every time. he's ace like that.
i still can't quite belive that i missed him play at madame jojo's, a tiny little basement drag club in soho a few years ago. i used to go to the lounge core night there lots but was stupidly elsewhere the night tony and his pianist just turned up after a big proper show in town to play a few numbers. bugger. just imagine how brilliant that would've been. arse.

i would've loved to've been there for his mad overblown everything but the kitchen sink shows way back when too. he might've played this and i'd've been ecstatic

tony bennett - maybe this time

so tony bennett - crooner, jazzer, concentration camp liberator, freedom marcher, coke fiend (ex), painter man, heart breaker - have a happy birthday.

if you only get one lp get the movie song album. obviously don't just get one get lots - the bill evans ones, in person, a greatest hits should do it. this is off of the movie song one just to show he can do quiet too

tony bennett - gentle rain

you can head over to tony's party at the ghost of elecricity's pad where he's doing teen anthem quiet nights with it's keeping it real doing it for the kids classic lines
' my world was dull each minute
until i found you,
innit '

tony's spot on the much missed muppets tonite was the highlight of the series. if you have any spare cans of the ultra rare rigatoni bennett let me know.
and don't miss the marvel of monkey hair flicking over the end credits - muppet magic.


BLTP said...

nice one, your mates eem confused with his age. I'll raise a campari to him it's the least i can do.

Rob said...

I interviewed TB last year - he was a joy to speak to...

ally. said...

rob you lucky blighter. that's nearly as good as my mate tim helping billy fury's mum down some stairs

Anonymous said...

Don’t know if you’ve seen this….. it’s funny. Alec Baldwin as Tony Bennett and a remarkable tribute act.