Friday 10 August 2007

tears come fast and furious

i heard a town called malice accidentally yesterday and my exercise bike sweat froze. it's okay if i'm ready, if i play it myself and grit my teeth, but if it creeps up on me there's trouble. it's billy elliot's fault.
i pretty much start crying if i even see billy elliot in the tv listings and to sit through the whole thing again would need easy access to the eec tissue mountain at least if not kleenex factories worldwide. and before you all start with your 'it's just that film about a kid what does ballet' it's not. well it is a bit obviously but it's about lots of other stuff as well. i would tell you more but a brief terrible flirtation with film studies when i was a nipper has left me horribly scarred, incapable and certain that academic criticism will tear the joy out of anything you love.
without even touching on all the emotional stuff i find it impossible to resist a film set around the miners strike which pretty much formed me politically , a kid clearly modelled on madeline out of gregory's girl, and which uses some of the music i live for so faithfully. hell just watch the bloody thing cos you'll be glad you did.

and before i forget - elton john cemented his place at the top of my first up against the wall come the glorious day list by contributing to the what were they thinking the stupid buggers west end travesty version. i despair sometimes i really do.

ps i heard a town called malice on the significant others edition contrast podcast. don't listen to it if you're even slighty heartbroken. it should have a health warning. really.


BLTP said...

Does the same go for Kes and Brassed off?

Anonymous said...

hee hee ... 'my exercise bike sweat froze' is easily one of the greatest lines I've read in a blog posting! Good stuff :)

ally. said...

oh gawd don't get me started on kes and brassed off or there'll be more floods

So It Goes said...

One of my wife's favourite films, and one of my favourite lyrics: 'I could go on all night and I probably will'.

BLTP said...

Re: Bily Elliot, I see what the fuss is about now (it;s just been bbc2) I thought it was similar to the full Monty but it's much better than that.

Unknown said...

i caught the last five minutes on telly the other night and still managed to cry. i went to the premiere of billy elliot (clang!) and t.rexstasy played live. top evening's entertainment.
have you seen 66, by the way? it's got football, families and is filmed round palmer's green and southgate too. i basically cried for the last 20 minutes, uncontrollably sobbing.
anything with dads in it is guaranteed to do that.