Wednesday 3 October 2007

lets hang up our boxing gloves

...and sit down and try a little love with curtis's friend and mine the lovely otis leavill or is it leaville like it says on my record? gawd knows.
i'm afraid my rambling and waffling muscles are still flabby and useless and i've been wandering about the place mumbling oooh me bad back after the shock of my recent exertions so the music is going to have to do the talking till i see if i can get the hang of this lark again ('like you ever had a hang of it heartface')
one of the sweetest bits of chicago soul should help no end
otis leavill - love uprising


Yr Heartout said...

Glorious. Not heard this before, but spookily enough was listening to Jackie Wilson sing this earlier, and that's always been a bit of a desert island thingie.

ally. said...

i never knew there was a wilson version. and he's a bit good is jackie isn't he.

joining in the far awayness too next week with a whole lot of brasil