Monday 15 October 2007

what the world needs now

okay so i'm getting obsessed by this goddamn listed songs thing. i can't stop thinking of songs to keep safe from harm. one minute there are hundreds the next they've all go jumbled in my noggin and i can't think of any. except if you want me to stay by sly and the family stone. but more of that later.
every good cover (and a million things besides) is safe in the hands of sergio mendes
and brasil 66. i stress brasil 66 because the silly old duffer went and almost spoiled everything by getting caught up in some terrible remix thing involving black eyed peas and all sorts of equally foul beasts for which i find it hard to forgive. never mind, at least we have 66 and most of 77 come to think of it. love music is ace. a sunday afternoon at dingwalls classic. anyway...wouldn't it've been nice if that mccartney and lennon and harrison lot had just been denmark street song writing hacks instead of a mystifyingly popular pop group. they could even've been let in the brill building at a push. i could've liked them then. if the world had been introduced to 'something' via shirley bassey and sergio mendes and brasil 66 had been what dionne warwick had been to bacharach and david.. there'd've been none of that love me do nonsense or any handholding unless cilla wanted a crack at them maybe and norwegian wood would've never been tainted by moptops and that famous scouse wit and lani hall would've been adorded

sergio mendes & brasil 66 - norwegian woodhell i got distracted madly there. that's what sergio can do to a soul. listed songs i was on about. and witchita lineman. i would save glen's version. it's a special thing.
and sergio has done the definitive cover already so let's leave it at that.

in case you're not convinced of that mendes magic

and just to seal the deal

sergio mendes & brasil 66 - what the world needs now


davyh said...

Playing in stereophonic sound in my fantasy 60s beach house (which resembles Tracy Island in Thunderbirds). Bless you x

Mondo said...

They are beaut's all of them. Love his take on Chelsea Morning too. By a spooky coincidence Serge and I became Myspace friends last week.

But how come there's never been the Herb Alpert and Sergio team up? (Or Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey ) That would be a tasty tropical cocktail

Fnarf said...

Brazil '65 with the incomparable Wanda de Sah is pretty terrific too.