Sunday 7 October 2007

hello heartface

now i know we're renowned for our lax and shoddy ways round here but three months between lessons is kind of ridiculous so let's leap right into polari mode before kenneth realises just how bad we've been. if he catches you tell him you've been in tangier with babs or something...

h is for

meaning money. nante handbag is so much nicer than skint now ain't it

and for

your new favourite term of affection

to get us back up to speed we could probably do with a bit of help from kenneth and hugh so listen carefully duckies

julian and sandy - bona prods

as a rule we only thank our american chums for quality tunes and spelling doughnuts donuts but today we'll add a US of Stateside greeting i wish we heard more here...


most especially grand in a howdy ladies, you're looking mighty fine this morning kind of way(as actually in real life said to us in a nowhere town on route 66 ("we were somewhere around barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold") by a lovely wrecked already old boy) or anything involving hat tipping.

i couldn't decide on a record so to make up ever so slightly for keeping you waiting so long have two.

lush stereolab croony lovliness

high llamas - cookie bay

and a mad collision of modal and latin jazz

horace parlan - congalegre


davyh said...

Ah, 'a movement behind the arras' of a morning. Lovely. Howdy ladies indeed.

BLTP said...

I'll take "modal jazz" under advisement, thank you very much ;)

ally. said...

it's the best kind believe me

BLTP said...

I've got my EC tickets thanx for the tip off.

Mondo said...

If you fancy camping it up a bit more, I uploaded a John Inman single last week, Are You being Served Sir? on Channel Mondo
Only 64kb and mono but does contain the lyric "there's plenty round the back"

ally. said...

i've been bowing my head in shame to those hazlehurst tracks all week - thankyou

The In Crowd said...


Thanks for 'Congalegre', and thanks always for your welcome comments and ongoing support at my blog!

You, by definition, rock.

marmiteboy said...

Ooo aren't you bold.


ally. said...

where d'you pick that up then ? oooooh he's got all the polari