Monday, 26 November 2007

dead popstars

poor old winehouse. looks like the screaming hoards of scum will only be happy when she's gone. preferably really really horridly with tons of suffering and degradation. then everyone'll be able to love her again and maybe one or two of them will wish they hadn't been so mean.
i can only guess that the poor dears shows recently have absolutely had to happen or else cos i can't for the life of me think who would think it would be a good idea to put a wrecked heartbroken treasure who's husband has just been dragged away in handcuffs and ain't coming back for a long long time on a whopping great stage and told to be entertaining. hello birmingham i love you all.
she's hardly a happy little sausage at the best of times. i mean listen to her records sweethearts for crying out loud. even on her monster smash she thinks donny hathaway is a good and healthy role model. splattered on the pavement at 33 it is then.
be nice to her people for gawds sake or we'll all be sorry.
just look what happened to ms holiday.

billie holiday - lover man (oh where can you be)

and it's impossible to think of winehouse and not go straight to the girl groups pile. a couple of crystals tunes seem scarily appropriate.

the crystals - he's a rebel

the crystals - he hit me (and it felt like a kiss)


Anonymous said...

I've heard Amy Winehouse singing Billie Holliday covers at a tribute night organised by Neneh Cherry. She did her proud - 'Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do', if I remember, seems like an appropriate mix of defiance and masochism. Also on the bill was Donny Hathaway's daughter Leila. She was worth catching as well.

This was way before all the uproar, so Amy W sat around in the foyer beforehand having a noticeably unhurried drink with a couple of mates. Which came first, the booze abuse or the tabloid witch-hunt?

It'll be so sad if she goes under, not least because she's got decades of talent and good music in her. Unlike,say, Pete frigging Doherty.

'He Hit Me' was exactly the tune I was thinking about when I wondered if 'You Don't Own Me' wasn't that typical a lyric for the time. But maybe they were the two extremes, with most stuff pitched in the middle? What do you reckon?

FiL said...

A wonderfully compassionate post, Dearest Ally. And great choonz to boot, though the words to "He Hit Me" make me cringe. Apologies to Messrs Blancmange, but that ain't love, that it ain't...

ally. said...

he hit me is right up there with the most terrifying tunes - as hard to hear as almost anything and not what i'd expect from sweet lovely carole king at all.

Spike said...

Fantastic songs, all, even though He Hit Me is decidedly uncomfortable listening. I love a bit of Billie Holiday and, as you've pointed out, Winehouse isn't a million miles off her. Winehouse is a prime reason why I love to hear music without knowing anything about who's making it!

davyh said...

Shout out to La Winehouse, who I'm sure is a regular Dusty Sevens reader - we loves ya babe, hang on in there x

Roger said...

Ah, the Crystals, better than life itself.

mr.kenneth said...

indeed Ally! Well said my dear! Soul is what I hear when I listen to Amy ... and the gal has a truckload.

Mind you, late Billie with her breaking voice all fragile and quavering all over the shop is my favourite Holliday time. When the terrors of life are registered on the vocal chords, it adds a certain gravitas to the lyric to these ears. I'm a twisted git I know ;)

btw, my eyesight ain't what it used to be ... and before you twitter heartface ... it isn't the gin ... please tell me thats not a shopping trolley parked in front of Billie's tombstone!!??

*be smooched*
mr.K + Shirl

Anonymous said...

Where can I hear her sing "Ain't Nobodys Business If I Do"?!