Saturday, 1 December 2007

bona broadcasting

i know i know i'm a lazy good for nothing nogoodnik who never gets round to nuffink and we're getting so behind here it's ridiculous but what the hell eh? bugger it. we'll get there in the end and what with kenneth off with that windsor woman again up to heaven knows ...

the bona school of polari presents

j ain't up to much i'm afraid. a bit like i. and h come to think of it.
we could try

jarry meaning eat or food, short for mangarie, but it's not all that really is it. sorry about this.
at least on civvy street we get

everyone's favourite for bosoms.

we'll be back on track with k i promise duckies.

on a night out in dire bar eating awful food recently someone actually came out with " god you don't still listen to the june brides do you ?". really they did, honest. i know. it's amazing isn't it ? i mean it's a funny old world i know but really... i suppose it's possible, i mean if you've had a bonk on the noggin and forgotten about everything fantastic that you could not still listen to the june brides but it'd have to've been a pretty massive bonk. a piano falling on you or something at the very least.
so in the spirit of goodwill and all and as a special favour to all those poor amnesiacs and everyone else who might've lost their way let's june brides ...

the june brides - josef's gone

and i can't be the only one who hears some of lambeths finest in this chicago heartbreaker can i?

ten city - that's the way love is

as a sleek and stylish young thing i trolled about all over the godam place with a carrier bag full of fanzines and a heart filled with joy whenever the june brides were there too. gawd bless em.

that should do it - feeling better now i hope sweethearts. smashing.

now buy the every conversation best of here

and just cos we can't possibly do j without him and so at least there's the merest hint of hard working round here ...

the j.b's - bring it up

j.b's comin' through


Anonymous said...

If you think that "That's the way love is" sounds a bit like Josef's Gone, you should try the chorus of "Motorcycle Emptiness". We should have sued ;-)

Fnarf said...

I was just listening to The June Brides yesterday in fact, while cleaning up for a party. I'm afraid some rather unnecessary maneuvers were performed with the feather duster, which had more to do with the violin part in "In the Rain" than they did with cleaning up, but everything was tidy in the end. Thank you for these videos, I hadn't noticed them before!

Fire Escape said...

You can buy Phil Wilson's new single, a neat version of Lee Remick, without joining the singles club it's part of
Norman records
. Marvellous.