Thursday 1 November 2007

you can't hide your love forever

songs of revolution and freedom come from the oddest places sometimes and if you ever prayed for an anthem for all the poor souls who've had to hide their love away it couldn't be more perfectly answered than in the technicolor rooting tooting buckskin thigh slapping sensation that is doris day in calamity jane. she says it all so i don't have to. open your heart and sing.

doris day - secret love


Mr Rossy said...

I actually love this song, it reminds me of being young on a sunday evening watching tv with cheese on toast and tea, random i know. But that's how it makes me feel, hee hee !!

marmiteboy said...

Nothing wrong with a bit of 'Whip Crack A Way' of a Thursday evening neither ;-)

Mondo said...

I always thought there was always a touch of the Doris about Sarah Greene

Roger said...

Have you heard the Billy Stewart version, Ally?