Tuesday 22 July 2008

i only have eyes for you

still all moony as hell especially after sunday nights first clear sky with a whopping great beauty popping out specially for the first time since i don't know when and still blasting super lunar tunes that just seen to fall out of the record pile as if by magic and none more stunning and bonkers and blooming fabulous than labelle's nine and half minute version of moonshadow.
the first half is kind of straight ahead blissful groove but then everything starts to get beautifully twisted and barking and ad libs go all over the goddam place like...

if you ever lost your mouth or anything in that small area
your lips your teeth your tongue your tonsils your throat
everything around there
you'd be in deeeeep stew

...won't have to brush my teeth if i don't want to
cos i won't have none to brush anyway
no no no

but it's geniusly pulled back and round and the guitar scratching is the most divine thing you'll hear for weeks hell the whole band solos are just outrageous...

you'll die my darlings really you will

labelle - moonshadow


BLTP said...

I was disappointed on hearing the ENO apollo lp that it didn't have more moon landing stuff on it!
also wot no Telstar! or Apollo Five by the inspirals! ;)

planet mondo said...

BL - I won a signed Eno Apollo in a comp' in the Bowie fanzine Starzone back in the eighties.

what's all the "have you ever lost your... "about, Has she been on the Space Dust? Great tune.

I'm with Jerry Seinfeld on the Moon landings - why take a car to the moon and have a little drive round - it's not like they hadn't they gone far enough already is it? I was obsessed with all this when I was a kiddie and the white chocolate astronauts and spaceships (like a variation on those choco' tools) sold in the local Tobaconnists

ally. said...

cor white chocolate astronauts and spaceships ? what a wonderful world you grew up in. i think the best we did was flying saucers.
and labelle out nutcase eno any day

Anonymous said...

That Labelle track is stew-pendous. And it wouldn't be quite so brilliant without the (mental) breakdown in the middle.

Guilty secret: we were given the day off from primary school to watch the live TV footage of the 1969 moon landing. After a while I got bored and went to play in the park because it was July and it was sunny...