Monday 28 July 2008


now you know i'm not really much of a one for the new and the now and the call that bloody music it's just a bleedin' row but when dear old andy wake of medium cool fame has a new label going it's got to be time to pin back the aunt nells and make a goddam effort for once.
you can join in too. listen then buy. it's easy.

daybreaks - here i am

buy it or just find out more at v-sign

just in case you need reminding of how utterly smashing a label medium cool was lets thrill to the sounds of the first single proper the dashing young wake unleashed to brighten our lives. how i did love those raw herbs..

the raw herbs - she's a nurse but she's alright

and if that's got you going head straight over to
the medium cool jukebox
for more. you know you want to


Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you so much for that. Loved it at the time but haven't heard it for years.

Anonymous said...

Andy Wake? Andy Wake? The man is a Northern Fop & a cad. He used to tell me drunken youngsters used to get home from the clubs, find the phone book & ring him up in the middle of the night & through the drunken guffaws ask..."Are you AWake?" Why he ever allowed those misguided fools he used to look after to lend me songs for my little compilation, heaven knows!! He must to have been on drugs!!! Its more annoying that I found old tape of him in conversation on local (well local to me) radio from 20 years or so ago.. Now I feel I must go & find it once more & send it too him

BLTP said...

new music!? It must be the heat are taking enough ice with ya gin? ;)

ally. said...

pleasure anne dear - it's a corker and no mistake.

fruity - a northern fop indeed

bltp - i know - i don't know what's come over me. i've gjad a lie down and i feel better now