Thursday 4 September 2008

a friend of britain

the best bench in the loveliest brave little park just by the library. lets all shout yaaaaayyy to alf now peoples

barry white - let the music play



TIW said...

Blimey. As a kid I once rode in a car that had a record player in the dash. Until now I thought I'd imagined it.

Alistair Fitchett said...

oooh, don't those record player photos come from that poster that came with an issue of Grand Royal? I LOVED that poster. And I loved Grand Royal too, of course.

marmiteboy said...

What a sensible idea. A record player in a car!! Drive carefully!!

ally. said...

cor wheelie you lucky chap - i never really dreamt they were real

mr fitchett - well spotted. i still don't think i've read all the stuff in those grand royals even now. whenever they get dragged out i find more bananas stuff

marmite - i'm strictly a pedestrian or a passenger. the roads are far safer without me

davyh said...

Shame they can't spell gramophone though.

Cocktails said...

Hello ally, those gramophones are fab, fab, fab. I want one of those red boxes now.