Tuesday 9 September 2008

mad skillz

dazzle yer friends!
stun yer lover!
pull shapes!
throw shade!
here's how my sweet dears

and if you need a soundtrack to your adventures how's about this then

jimmy london - i'm your puppet


davyh said...

Ah, very good - Last Shadow Puppets.

FiL said...

A11y r00£z - wë i3 pwnd...

ally. said...

fil dear have you been on the sauce again ?

Mondo said...

Are those shadow pic's from Krazy Comic - I'm sure there was strip about someone whose shadow puppets came to life - or was super duper skilled at them.

Piley said...

always disapointed as a kid with those hand shap\puppet wotsits... they were all the rage in the 70's wernt they, every mag had one or 2 to try, and every now and then someone would turn up on some saturday evening variety show (usually American with a cape!) and cut a few impressive shapes... but when YOU tried em... always looked a bit like, well, the shaddow of a couple of twisted hands..

You got the knack Ali?


ally. said...

i can do an octopus. or a spider. well something with kind of dangly wrigley legs

Anonymous said...

Right, that's enough of that. I've been sitting here in the half-darkness trying to master Flying Bird. Surely my life should be more purposeful than this?

You've got a whole shelf of these, haven't you? Ace reggae cover versions of Sixties soul hits?

< seethes quietly with jealousy then riffles through your back pages in search of First Cut Is The Deepest>