Monday 1 September 2008


let's start the week all quiet and gorgeous and remember that we can find the tenderest soul in the most unlikely spots

captain beefheart - my head is my only house unless it rains



Rob said...

what a great track - nice one ally

davyh said...

I always thought Capt Beefheart was all mad and shouty and not for the likes of me but this is...soulful isn't it? I'd only ever heard EBTG doing it too (!).

Anonymous said...

I like that. Beefheart's gone a little bit Otis and the guitar sounds like Fred Frith playing country soul. I reckon this song's secret weapon is the little marimba trills low in the mix...mmm, sparkly.

Did you take the refreshments photo? That's really nice.

Anonymous said...

...sorry, that was me.

ally. said...

i've loved this a mighty long while - it's off of clear spot which also has the darned fine and even more souly too much time on. everything else is kind of beefheart being beefhearty though.
and yep spud that's one from the old old holga of suuny kings cross. more on the dusty7s flickr thingy