Thursday 13 November 2008


help! help! help! cactus time is coming up fast and i've been too busy hobbling off to a&e with a poorly foot to get a roadtrip soundtrack together and things are getting desperate. i need lists people! lists! you do do lists now don't you dears ?

eno & byrne - help me somebody

james brown - i need help (i can't do it alone)

jose feliciano - help!



Kippers said...

I'm rubbish at lists but you simply must include Driving Away From Home by It's Immaterial. Oh, and Driving In My Car by Madness.

Y'all have a nice day now y'hear! ;)

BLTP said...

how about the churches on the interstate by Laura cnatrell first lp or recent virtual ep of travel songs. there's that new box set of southrn sopuld from ace "songs from river(?)" which I'm holding out for xmas.
elvis it's a long lonely highway. cowboys are my weakness by is it difford or tillbrook ?)
fugitive motel by those elbow chaps oh and Bobby Dylan played songs abouit states on his last theme time radio show. have fun and don't hobble too far!

BLTP said...

sorry Laura cantrell

Mondo said...

Love that Eno and Byrne track - the whole of 'Ghosts' - would make a great ready made playlist, as would Dennishopperschoppers - Chop - you can try a few tunes here and here

Roger said...

I'd need a bit of Roy Orbison

Anonymous said...

Lists is what I can cope with!
A Rainy Night In Georgia by Brook Benton
Soul Francisco by Tony Joe White
The Lakes of Ponchatrain by Planxty
Sempre por Sempre by Santos Colon
Uptown by Joe Bataan
California My Way by Willie Hutch
Bad Weather by The Supremes
Aint No Need of Crying by Rance Allen

Anonymous said...

Oh, how rude of me, of course have a smashing time while you're out there and don't forget to leave some 7s for those that follow!

FiL said...

I always like a wee bit of Cramps on the car stere-ere-ereo, especially when I'm tooling about in the US of A. Garbageman is a good one. And I also find Journey's "Don't Stop Believing," which I mock and ridicule in all other contexts, somehow makes perfect sense when on American blacktop...

FiL said...

Oh, and Willie Nelson's "Cowboys are Frequently, Secretly Fond of Each Other." Must have.

marmiteboy said...

If you like a bit of indie nonsense (and who doesn't eh?) head on over to this site wot I discovered today. Loads and loads of brilliant late 80's and early 90's riproaring fabness of offer. It'll keep you out of trouble no worries.

davyh said...

Everything I can think of is everything you'll have....Joni's 'Hejira' (the greatest road album ever made), 'Meet Me In The Morning' 'Wichita Lineman' and 'Galveston' 'Memories Of East Texas' (do I repeat myself? Very well then, I repeat myself)'This One's From The Heart' 'Blue Valentines' 'Closing Time', 'Graceland' sung by Willie Nelson, Jack Kerouac, Woody Guthrie, 'Highway 61 Revisited', 'Curtis' 'What's Goin' On', 'The Poet', Billie Holiday, 'In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning' and lots and lots of Memphis Soul xxx

Anonymous said...

'Speedo' by the Cadillacs is great holiday driving music for anywhere. Couple of versions of 'Hit The Road Jack'? What about a Ray Charles and a Big Youth? Junior Walker's 'Roadrunner', of course, and the Modern Lovers to keep it company.

Greyboy's 'Quantico VA' next to Grant Green's 'California Green'? Then hang up a pair of furry dice and let Minnie Riperton's 'Take A Little Trip' snuggle up to Lonnie Liston Smith's 'Desert Nights'.

Hope your foot gets better. How did you crock yours? I did mine running. Bet you didn't! Unless it was last orders...

Have a lovely trip!

P.S. Anonymous's choices have a familiar whiff...Guinness, vinyl, Parmesan. I know that man!

Simon said...

Davy has said a lot of what I would have. For those big wide open spaces I'd also chuck on Orbital's Insides album, but that's just me.

And maybe some of those 80s rock driving comps. Lots of big hair and zztop.

Chuck Berry.

Tom Waits, Springsteen, maybe the soundtracks to some David Lynch movies as you pull into some small town that looks nice but feels creepy...

Meanwhile the best word verification yet; with cowboy associations:



davyh said...

Damn, David Lynch soundtracks; wish I'd thought of that. Angelo Badalamenti. O-er.

davyh said...

PS; Word verif - OILGAIN. Spookily Texan.

Darcy said...

This is one of my mix CDs I remember fondly from 2004 business trips to Georgia - lots of driving down freeways singing to this lot:

1. Stupidly Happy - XTC
2. The Dean And I - 10 CC
3. Luney Tune - Alice Cooper
4. What A Man - Lydia Lyndell
5. To Sir With Love -Lulu
6. London Lady - The Stranglers
7. Once bitten twice shy - Ian Hunter
8. Amateur Hour - Sparks
9. Dance Little Rude Boy - Ian Dury & The Blockheads
10. You've Been Gone Too Long - Ann Sexton
11. Paint It Black - The Rolling Stones
12. Spirits in the Material World - The Police
13. Just A Little Overcome - Nightingales
14. Clarity – John Mayer
15. It's My Life – No Doubt
16. Pulling Mussels (From The Shell) - Squeeze
17. Hold Your Head Up - Argent
18. '74-'75 - The Connells
19. You Can Do Magic - America
20. Sister Golden Hair - America
21. Aged and mellow blues - Little Esther Phillips
22. Cupid -Sam Cooke
23. Steppin' Out - Joe Jackson

There was another one with XTC's "King For A Day" on too - what a record that is - and kinda apt when you're driving in America.

Darcy said...

Oh, and of course, to reiterate DavyH - lots of Memphis soul.

dickvandyke said...

O erm. I am hopeless at this. You'll be there by the time I ..

Here's a few oddities I've listened to today for you and I think they fit just right .. in a strange way.

The Wheel and The Maypole - XTC
Wreckless Eric - Whole Wide World
Wilco - Via Chicago
Jacky - White Horses
Twinkle - Terry
The Thrills - One Horse Town
Waterboys - When You Go Away
The Kinks - This Time Tomorrow
Suzi Quattro - Devil Gate Drive
Plimsoulls - A Million Miles Away
Richard Hawley - Hotel Room

Love Dickie Dear

Word Veri - raspa!

davyh said...

.....An unusually abrasive Rasta...

ally. said...

you are all as ever total treasures - i'm doing mad compilation making from all your wonderful suggestions now now now so thankyou very very much

Dane said...

1) Have a fabulous time, and if you come through Ohio (oh, I know, but I can cross my fingers anyway) do get hold of me.

2) I love that photo. But you knew that I would.

3) I see various soul forms listed, but not nearly as much Motown as you'll need. Email me if i can send you anything, anything at all that you might want.

Anonymous said...

radio ... threadbare oldies radio ,where you've no control over what's coming next.

mary c