Tuesday 23 December 2008

a christmas gift for you

well i'm really really sorry for bringing destruction to the world and all but i just couldn't help myself what with the being intrinsically morally evil and what have you but hey what with it being the season of goodwill to all perhaps i could go a tiny way to at least making you giggle a bit as we burn. and if jim broadbent isn't the greatest virgin mary ever then i'm a loving pope.

the national theatre of brent - the greatest story ever told



davyh said...

Miss Ally, Miss Ally, Miss Ally - pucker up kid - MWAH! Have a very lovely Christmas you and the Mrs and thanks for all the fabluousness this year: we loves ya baby x

Simon said...

I'll second Davy's comment! Have a fab time this crimbo. Cheers for everything!!! xxx

ally. said...

comin' right back atcha honky tonks

BLTP said...

Have great Christmas thanks for all the tunes and that.
Ps. Don't that that tosser in rome get you down play some Hem that'll do the trick....

So It Goes said...

Merry Xmas ally and many more of them! x

dickvandyke said...

Oh allykins .. sweet as a sugar santa.

Merry Christmas


Unknown said...

Belated Xmas greetings ally.

Thanks for everything this past 12 months.


Anonymous said...

What was the greeting from John Lennon in that '63 fan club record? "Carry Crimple"-Thats it... Thanks for the writing & the stuff throughout the year... Best wishes for many more. Far as the George Stevens thing... Yeah Greatest "Story" Ever Told...Indeed. Too much Zeitgeist for me I guess.
An Old Codger