Friday 19 December 2008

on the town

there's one of those festive season excursions for the old folks this evening digging the happening sounds of yesteryear today. a top class turn a small sherry and home by half past ten. marvelous. if your home are letting you out do say hello. i'll be hugging the bar in regulation stripey jumper and radclyffe hall issue brogues.

an old one

stereolab - eye of the volcano

a new one
stereolab - three women

an 'inspiration'...
the casualeers - dance dance dance


Mondo said...

Break out the mince and brandy cream, stories of Oranges and walnuts for pressies - what a selection of seasonal goodies Ally - love that Casualeers track - check out this funky music and movement

ally. said...

ta boss - and what a brilliant clip.

stereolab were on tip top form but then we ended up in the mixer and it went boozy and woozy

BLTP said...

I went to one of those of French Discos once.....