Friday 31 July 2009

good rockin'

friday night style darlings

wayne walker - all i can do is cry



Simon said...

My little one looks a little like the slick little guy on the right in the bottom picture, he has 50s hair!

davyh said...


Certain this song will be lovely Miss A; will come back for it tomorrow; too full of madras and vino now *hic* x

ally. said...

how dreadfully hep - and i bet he looks awfully cute in those tiny creepers

and davy it is it is. and good to see you home by 10.30. i was worried sick

BLTP said...

the Twangs the Thang! Well if you will leave your girl in Kansas city what do you expect! Where are the pics of the guys with the flicks from?

ally. said...

i wish i could say from my big book of teddy boys but really they just popped up when i googled teddy boys. i'm a disgrace.