Wednesday 8 July 2009

inspiration information

still reeling from saturdays overload of superheroes tears in the drizzle internationale singing moon powered mile wide smiles banners and books and booze buzz buzz buzzing

a huge roar of righteous organ groove anthem sounds like the only thing to play

clarence wheeler and the enforcers - right on



Yr Heartout said...

For you Miss Dusty as I feel ashamed at not attending ...

davyh said...

Even Buzz's autograph looks like a twinkly smile.

Have this too, companera x

Mondo said...

By golly that's good - just the sort of funky strut and happy hammond that's perfect for summer..


BLTP said...

I am still Bu.. very happy about all this, will have a listen to the tune Later nasty IT big brother started stopping listening to stuff at work :( not a great hardship all things considered

ally. said...

comrades - i thank you