Friday 24 July 2009

down by law

a bit of sherlocking after a bunch of stop this now you evil evil woman notices led me straight to the fine folks of ace records reissuers extraordinaire who i've clearly upset with my scratchy crackly ain't this just lovely versions of hits for free we should all've been buying on their fine cd packages. and i'm sure we have been buying them too. for dancers only most especially is a wondrous thing for which i will love them forever. and this lot too obviously.

the impressions - we're a winner

chuck jackson and maxine brown - love is hurting thing

the delfonics - hey love

timi yuro - hurt

lorez alexandria - baltimore oriole

king curtis - instant groove

the marvellos - in the sunshine


Simon said...

tsk tsk I know some of those people at Ace, have invested some money in albums from their reissues programme..

ally. said...

They do indeed do a top notch job but the stuff up here is from the original vinyl darlings (oh gawd listen to her) so I plead ignorance of everything bar the marvellos being on their whatsits. I'm off to get that chuck and maxine thing