Wednesday 25 November 2009

the kindness of strangers...

...well alright the kindness of fine folk who you've been in some strange through the ether conversation with for oooooh blimey nearly three years or so (don't it just fly)

so (as you have hopefully already glommed over at living for pleasure alone and cocktails and records) sunday night thanks to the big hearted thoughtfulness of spareticketed ol' bltp we got a whole heap of high class storytelling out of the very mouth of the horrifically attired ( think woody as style icon only in america he called it a vest shirt and tie and jumbo cords do they not have mirrors gawd help us terrible ) but desperately loveable david sedaris. his books i always find desperately sad but somehow when he reads them they get all funny. it's the way he tells 'em.

david sedaris - a million bubbles

a whole bunch of david sedaris on national public radio for your listening pleasure



Mondo said...

I don't know this Sedaris, but I like the whispers I'm hearing. Love that Dusty vid in the last post, worra choon!

BLTP said...

"De nada" my dear it was a very good evening.

spud said...

...and that's a perfect clip to illustrate how he can make the heartbreaking into the sidesplitting.

I reckon that Woody Allen has influenced more than his wardrobe - although that's more the Woody of the books and the stand-up then the cinematic Woody.

Looking forward to trawling the NPR stuff. Top job! And looking forward to the Radio 4 stuff next spring. I first heard him on R4 a few Xmases back - think they were syndicating the NPR shows?

Cocktails said...

Thanks very much for the NPR link - I never thought to look there. Brilliant! It will keep me and my new Sedaris habit occupied for a while.