Monday 9 November 2009

mods mayday

how does this sound ?

'award winning Carnaby Christmas decorations take on a psychedelic theme'

'filled with fifteen, six metre high inflatable decorations declaring 60’s festive messages of Love, Joy, Hope and Peace, along with four, six metre high inflatable hot pink reindeers, and surrounded by brightly coloured suspended Christmas trees and sparkling lights'

'a psychedelic Christmas is a fond homage to the 50th birthday of Carnaby as it was the birthplace of the explosion of British fashion design and its vitality still invigorates the design world today'

'colours are reminiscent of the 60’s including pillar box red, bright yellow, orange, acid green, purple and candy pink'

'a FREE open air swinging 60’s disco will take place in Carnaby Street on Tuesday 10 November 6pm - 7pm with a live DJ set from Eddie Piller, founder of Acid Jazz Records'

i know. it's like christmas on acid. for gawd's sake. still at least old piller's playing records so that'll be nice. there's go go girls on podiums too apparently. well there were last week when it was all supposed to be on till nine. we'll be wandering about the place tutting and being despicable elitist snobs then retiring for something warming down the red lion if anyone fancies it.

i don't really do psychedelic as a rule and turn into a strident swinging sixties denier after a a gin or two (even without a gin or two as it goes) but i do do charles stepney bananasness which i'm sure has a kaftan in there somewhere so this'll have to do (man)

rotary connection- i took a ride (caravan)



Mondo said...

I'm in. See you there!

Simon said...

Ah man I would be too, but I've got to be home tomorrow evening, and a 7pm finish in Carnaby Street turns into a not home until at least 10pm in the West....damn!

BLTP said...

Shame I was up in that there West end tonight, thought the lights on Oxford st were better then most of the recent efforts. Will swing darn carnaby st soon loved the giant snowmen last year.

davyh said...

Is a strident swinging sixties denier a sort of tights?

ally. said...

i checked the spelling and everything i'll have you know mr h cos i wasn't having it neither but there you go - someone had to say it and i'm awful glad it was you

it's freezing and dark and drizzly and about as unswinging as you can get so i think it'll be the red lion sooner rather than later

spud said...

Who needs to presume kaftans when the electric sitar is out there for all to hear? Psychedelic case proven! (There's probably a really good mix to be made of Songs With Electric Sitar On. Even Dusty would get a look-in..)

Great tune. Where should I start with Rotary Connection if I've only got Black Gold and Les Fleurs on a Minnie comp?

Have you ever heard that Phil Upchurch guitar instrumental of Black Gold? Fantastic.

Did you make the Carnaby scene? Any good? How was Piller's set?

ally. said...

You sure can't beat those cadet classics - they could do a darned good logo too (very popular in the tshirt days)

aladin that this one's off of is bonkers but brilliant and there must be a best of comp out there surely. If stepneys involved there's always going to be something worth a go.

and the carnaby do was right up there with the most pitifully unswinging happenings I've ever encountered. A few dolly birds wiggling badly and looking chilly, polled playing James brown to a few baffled tourists. We had a tiny gawp then retired to the red lion with new bloggy pals and an old one too