Wednesday 4 November 2009

what am i supposed to do

well it's looking like a do in a park for us then back for sparklers and a rocket or two off the fire escape so where do we go to my lovelies ? your top tips would be tip top

now if i could just lay my greedy paws on some of those moves on ground emits sparks and reports ones

and till i can track down a bit of waste ground for a bonfire to call my very own i guess there's only one song to play...

jocelyn brown - somebody else's guy



davyh said...

This 'ban' on bonfires business is a dashed bad show, standing by a big one and getting all hot was the best thing; it's you pesky kids chucking bangers that spoiled it for everyone else mind.

I haven't been for years, but the Battersea Park one was always good - it's free, though you can put a quid in a bucket for charity, and afterwards you can have a drink in The Albert and then walk back to The Northside across the spangly bridge, singing The Pogues x

davyh said...

Ah. It's not free no moe, no how. Tories!

ally. said...

bastards. sounds nice though thankyou.