Friday 9 April 2010


only 15 days to go sweet things. don't leave those essential wardrobe decisions too late now

i'll be playing this... as much because it's by a gal called edna as anything. well that and it being a total joy

edna wright - ooops here i go again

i do so hope to see you there



Cocktails said...

I'll be there with bells on!

Ok, maybe without the bells.

ally. said...

hurrah! now why don't you all come keep us company kiddiewinks

Mick said...

Bring the bells, do.

Darcy said...

Ooo I love this. New to me.

Just been reading about Edna = Sandy Wynns = one time member of Honey Cone = Darlene Love's younger sister. Never knew any of this - must go and fix my Soul radar.